Pre-Course: Welcome to the Course

Pre-Course: Welcome to the Course

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  • Welcome to the Course > 0.1 Navigating in edX > Navigating edX

Welcome to the Course > 0.1 Navigating in edX > Navigating edX

  • I’ll show you the different components of a course, and how you can use these to have a great learning experience.
  • On the home page, you’ll find course updates and announcements from the staff.
  • The course page is where you’ll find and interact with the course material The discussion forum is where you can communicate with your fellow learners and debate course related topics We recommend that you participate actively in the forum; you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from your fellow students.
  • The syllabus page will guide you through the course syllabus and provide important information related to this course.
  • If you have more questions regarding the course, you can look for answers in the FAQ page.
  • You can also use social media like Twitter and Facebook to interact with your fellow learners Now let’s take a closer look at the course material.
  • Many courses start with an overview of edX and an introduction to the course.
  • Below the overview are segments of the course, which are released as the course progresses.
  • Typically, an edX course is delivered in week by week segments, and have lessons and homeworks you need to complete.

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