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Kirsten Ostherr, Professor of English, Co-Founder and Director of Medical Futures Lab
Rice University
Bryan Vartabedian, MD, Co-Founder of Medical Futures Lab, Founder 33 Charts
Rice University and Baylor College
“Medicine is in the midst of a shift never before seen. Information and technology are advancing at rates faster than our ability to adapt. These changes, along with social forces such as the health 2.0 movement, are redefining the role of the doctor and patient. This course offers participants an engaging, never-before-seen view of medicine and healthcare…Medicine in the Digital Age” features in-depth interviews with thought leaders in digital health…The course is intended for a general audience and is relevant to anyone working or interested in the emerging healthcare environment. At the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge to successfully engage with the future of digital medicine.
Medicine in the Digital Age maps out the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare in the networked age… explore the role of social media in healthcare communication, the uses of wearable technologies, the potential for big data to reshape health behaviors, the ethics of personalized medicine, and the impact of these new developments on the doctor-patient relationship. Participants will gain an understanding of the connected health revolution and tools to critically analyze this evolving ecosystem. Medicine in the Digital Age will launch a fresh conversation about what the future of medicine should be…
No specific background is required for this course, but it is aimed at professionals who have (or would like to have) some amount of decision-making capability in their organization. This course is for leaders and aspiring leaders in healthcare and allied sectors including telecommunications, health insurance, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, device manufacturing, policy and government, investment, consulting and innovation…
… you’ll learn:
How to identify the core areas of growth and disruption in digital health.
How to distinguish between hype and real opportunity in digital health.
How to identify major challenges facing doctors and patients as medicine transitions from analog to digital.
How digital health is re-defining the physician.
How to recognize the emerging role of the e-patient in health care.
How to critically analyze the risks and opportunities facing individuals and health organizations as they transition to the digital health space.
How to use Twitter like an expert to leverage public dialogue, both personally and professionally… “



Week 1: Where Did Digital Health Come From?

Week 2: How Has the Practice of Medicine Changed in the Digital Age?

Week 3: How Have Patients (and Consumers) Changed in the Digital Age?

Week 4: What Does the Future of Medicine Look Like and What Will it Take to Get There?

Live Conversations (no summaries)


 photo: depositphotos/everythingposs
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