Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

“Feedback and Goodbye”
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  • Wrapping up > Feedback and goodbye! > Feedback and goodbye video

Wrapping up > Feedback and goodbye! > Feedback and goodbye video

  • Over the last weeks you have all been very active in this course.
  • By now, you have a much better grip on that problem situation than before you started the course.
  • In that way, you master them quickly and can make use of them more and more easily.
  • The second is to keep contact with the new people you have met in this course.
  • Keep on sharing a Dropbox folder or something alike and keep each other up to date.
  • A third possible step is to enrol for a more elaborate version of this course.
  • The weblink to that page is also next to this video on the course page.
  • Don’t forget to tell others about this online course, as we will run it in the near future again.
  • They are more than welcome to join! In the near future we are also working on other MOOCs, for instance one on finishing your thesis well and graduating.
  • Keep an eye on the EdX website to see when it starts! From all three of us, thank you so much for working with us in this course.

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