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Welcome to User Innovation

“Welcome to User Innovation … Innovators… Emily Lagasse… Phil Cohen and Chris Dorsey… Slava Menn”


  • Welcome to User Innovation! > What is User Innovation? > Trailer
  • Welcome to User Innovation! > Innovators > Emily Lagasse
  • Welcome to User Innovation! > Innovators > Phil Cohen and Chris Dorsey
  • Welcome to User Innovation! > Innovators > Slava Menn

Welcome to User Innovation! > What is User Innovation? > Trailer

  • Innovation often starts with real people solving their own problems, innovating for their own use.
  • It’s all around you – sports, medicine, software, food.
  • How do you become a user innovator? How do you get your idea out into the world? To answer these questions, we’ll take a look at real-world examples, interview people who solve their own problems and meet MIT professor Eric von Hippel, who pioneered the study of user innovation.
  • I invite you on a journey to explore the phenomenon of user innovation.

Welcome to User Innovation! > Innovators > Emily Lagasse

  • My name is Emily and I’m on a mission to bring home cooked foods to dogs everywhere.
  • I founded Fedwell after a near death experience with my dog because I believe that high quality foods are the cornerstone of health for creatures big and small.
  • When Fenway and I came back to Boston, he started getting really sick on the typical dog food diet here.
  • I threw myself into learning about dog nutrition and anatomy.
  • I realized that the foods I had been feeding him had over 50 ingredients on the label.
  • I spent the last year testing my recipe with dogs in the Boston area.
  • All dogs really loved it and that’s because it’s real food and they can tell.
  • So your dog’s getting all the nutrition they need from real food.
  • Our food is also available online via subscription service and a la carte.
  • I’m currently getting ready to launch my next few flavors of dog food.
  • I’m also developing an enhanced meal topper like gravy, that you’ll be able to put on top of your dog’s food to add additional flavor and texture and nutrients.
  • For those cat owners out there, we’re also looking at developing baked cat food.
  • My passion really comes from seeing the benefit of a home cooked diet for my own dog.
  • I really see this as an opportunity to introduce a food to the market that’s less processed and healthier than anything else available.

Welcome to User Innovation! > Innovators > Phil Cohen and Chris Dorsey

  • The funny thing is throughout this entire span of my life I have always considered myself, first and foremost, a musician and a songwriter.
  • While I was in high school I worked hard over the summer to save up enough money to go into the studio to create art.
  • Before college I worked hard to save up enough money to go back into the studio.
  • Right before coming here to MIT, while still a military officer, I went back into the studio to produce my latest album.
  • Today there are two million independent musicians in the US, not backed by big business.
  • We stand as what I like to call, the new music industry, an industry that is focused on the artist, an industry that generates real value to the creation of art.
  • Now after musicians stand in front of sexy microphone, sing, and play their songs in the recording studio they travel into what’s called the mixing phase of the process.
  • Each and every time I’ve been into the studio right at the beginning of this phase the musician is handed by the studio engineer a simple CD. And the engineer says take this CD. Listen to it on your best speakers and on your worse speakers.
  • This part of the process tends to seem like a never ending loop for the independent musician.
  • The independent musician spends roughly $5,000 per recording.
  • AudioCommon can eliminate 30% of this charge, $1,500 back into the musicians’ pockets.
  • We all understand the effects of the digital online music revolution for the music industry.
  • As the music industry looks for new ways to recapture value, AudioCommon stands postured to support with a new workflow.
  • Through our online platform musicians can see what they saw in the studio in the confines of their home.
  • AudioCommon is opening up a new channel of communication for an industry ripe for disruption.

Welcome to User Innovation! > Innovators > Slava Menn

  • Two summers ago, a friend had his bike lights stolen.
  • With your tremendous support, we launched the world’s first theft-resistant bike light.
  • Why are we throwing away our money on cheap gear that needs to be replaced each and every season? Together, we can change this, and it starts now with indestructible bike lights that last a lifetime.
  • Because you don’t want the hassle of taking them off every time you park your bike, they lock to your handlebars and your seat post with proprietary security screws.
  • Is it tough? No. It’s invincible.
  • If it ever gets stolen, broken, water-damaged – hell, if your dog eats it – we’ll replace it.
  • By backing this project and putting these lights on your bike, you’ll be sending a message to the world that bike gear should be built for life.

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