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MOOC Summaries - Introduction to Marketing

Welcome to the course

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  • About the Course

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  • Designed as a course on marketing for non-marketers.
  • Real life case studies, real life stories, and personal experiences to bring to life some of the ideas in the course.
  • Regardless of your background, marketing and the principles of marketing can have real value, because at the base of marketing:
    • The consumer is something that’s interesting,
    • It’s something that we can learn about that can help both in our own lives as well as the businesses of the companies that we run or work for.
  • What’s fun is that you’ll look a bit back into history and look a little forward as well, and try to learn from the past, learn from the present, and hopefully predict where we can go in the future.
  • One of the challenges which seems to confuse people a lot about marketing is it always seems to be changing.
  • If you can find the patterns, you’ll be able to see it forward.  You should be looking to see if you can see patterns:
    • Things which exist in your own organization;
    • Things which you’ve seen in the past;
    • Things you can imagine might occur in future situations.

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