WEEK 8: The Future of the TechniCity

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WEEK 8: The Future of the TechniCity

“The Future of Cities… The Challenges of Everyware… The New Science of Cities… Connected Through LinkedIn…” 


  • Context: The Future of Cities
  • Context: The Challenges of Everyware
  • Context: The New Science of Cities
  • Connected Through LinkedIn

Context: The Future of Cities

  • Many interesting technologies but the bigger change might very well be a need for systems level thinking about our cities.
  • Infrastructure will be designed to better understand interconnections e.g. clothes, energy, healthcare etc.
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Context: The Challenges of Everyware

  • Social and political implications of built environment saturated with sensors, and the disruptive economic consequences of the transition to ubiquitous  computing.
  • Issues of privacy, conception of what it means to be in public, and data literacy.
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Context: The New Science of Cities

  • The idea that as city grows in size, they change qualitatively as well as quantitatively e.g. as a city grows, it acquires more and more functions, but big cities have both more crime and also higher per capita income.
  • The city planning process is only one of several processes of intervention in a city but the city planning process really deals with the physical intervention of a city.
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Connected Through LinkedIn

  • This course provided great opportunities, professional and in terms of learning about cities and technologies.
  • Keep in touch on LinkedIn.
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