WEEK 3: Leading TechniCities

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WEEK 3: Leading TechniCities

“Leading TechniCities…Better Stories for Smart Cities… Smart Cities in China… Cities as Saviors… Creative Commons and Open Source Resources…” 


  • Context: Leading TechniCities
  • Context: Better Stories for Smart Cities
  • Context: Smart Cities in China
  • Context: Cities as Saviors
  • Instructional: Creative Commons and Open Source Resources

Context: Leading TechniCities

  • Going to dive into what cities around the world are doing.
  • Be it smart buildings, smart gardens, or renewable energy, there is a lot of creative thinking going on about how to create more sustainable cities.
  • Examples:
    • Singapore built Gardens By the Bay, and the goal was to become an eco-tourist destination.
    • Mexico City is experimenting with technology to allow buildings to absorb this nearby smog,
    • Vienna decided to start a citizen solar power plant.
    • Sydney, Australia, designed a project called Smart Grid, Smart City.
    • Songdo, South Korea, senses almost everything, from temperature, energies and traffic flow.
    • Enkanini, South Africa, aims to become a smart test town.
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Context: Better Stories for Smart Cities

  • How can we adapt these big information infrastructures to the needs of little people, little organizations, and communities?
  • The place to start is not with infrastructure, it is with places, and people.
  • Examples from Birmingham, Sunderland, Dublin, San Francisco, Singapore etc.
  • There is tremendous potential to produce new information based marketplaces that could support more sustainable city systems.
  • We need to start telling stories about how our lives in smarter cities might get better.
  • How should cities to handle all these very radical technological advances which will shape the way cities develop and function? The initially surprising response: have more cups of tea. It is a very soft idea, but I think a very important one.
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Context: Smart Cities in China

  • Detailed case study of China’s Tangshan Caofeidian International Eco-city.
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Context: Cities as Saviors

  • When cities and urban areas are the engines of productivity, the connections between economic, environmental, and the social are essential to understanding sustainable intelligent cities
  • Good examples include:
    • Vancouver is usually chosen as the best or second best city to live in the world due to its high quality of life;
    • Copenhagen is the first capital city in the world with the goal of reaching 0 emissions of CO2 by the year 2025;
    • Curitiba implemented the first system of fast bus transport in the whole world
    • Medellin has a cable car system that helps transport poor people who live in the hills.
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Instructional: Creative Commons and Open Source Resources

  • Creative Commons  allows people to openly share their content as it is a way to specify the kind of use allowed.
  • You can also specify the degree to which you want to allow modification of your work, allow commercial use of your work etc.
  • Step-by-step explanation of how to look for and use Creative Commons pictures.
  • There are also other open source materials e.g. code from GitHub, that has been posted by other people.
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