MOOC Summaries - TechniCity - Young female tourist using smart city gadget to get direction in Barcelona central, female in night city standing front big digital screen with city map routes and locations shown on it


Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture
Ohio State University
Thomas W. Sanchez, College of Urban and Public Affairs
Virginia Tech
“…increasing availability of networks, sensors and mobile technologies allows for new approaches to address the challenges that our cities face… how the technology in our cities is changing… gain familiarity with fundamental urban technology concepts… how technology is used to engage with the public to support decision-making…how city planners can communicate with the public to enhance cities…public engagement and analysis tools…. examine tools for analyzing the city…useful data to support informed public policy decisions… exploration of entrepreneurial urbanism, looking at how creativity can spawn technological innovation… accelerate the transfer of ideas between entrepreneurs and urban change agents… how key infrastructure technologies shapes cities…hear from technological innovators and thought leaders about all of these topics…”


Course Preview (Technologies)
Technologies and case studies.

Week One – Foundations of the TechniCity
Understand the foundations and what it means to be a city planner.

Week Two – Infrastructure for the TechniCity
… how sensors and networks are transforming our cities. 

Week Three – Leading TechniCities
Explore how cities across the globe are using technology to advance their future.

Week Four – Engaging the TechniCity
How to engage in city building through social networking and crowdsourcing platforms.

Week Five – Analyzing the TechniCity Part 1
Experiment with analysing data, sentiment analysis, mashups etc

Week Six – Analyzing the TechniCity Part 2
Experiment with analysing data, sentiment analysis, mashups etc

Week Seven – Entrepreneurial Urbanism
… how open data initiatives, hack-a-thons, and urban prototyping festivals are creatively innovating cities.

Week Eight – The Future of the TechniCity
…engage in peer evaluation of  projects and participate in discussion.

photo: depositphotos/GaudiLab