Section 6: Capitalism in History

Section 6: Capitalism in History

“Closing thoughts”
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  • Capitalism in History > Closing Words > Closing Thoughts

Capitalism in History > Closing Words > Closing Thoughts

  • We’re used to just talking to each other, and over the last few weeks we’ve been talking to tens of thousands of people.
  • I think what’s important here is to think about what the most essential thing we’ve been talking about is, is that capitalism has a history.
  • I think capitalism is something that we think of, naively, as something just natural in the world- inevitable almost- the triumph of history, the inevitable development.
  • So the capitalism that exists on the chalkboard and the ideal, that’s all it is.
  • What this means is that the people who participate in the world in which we live are the ones who are going to be remaking capitalism.
  • We have to continue to figure out how to make capitalism work for us, not work us over.
  • So this means that you are, obviously, an actor in capitalism.
  • You’re an actor as a consumer, perhaps as an employee and a worker, perhaps as an employer, perhaps as an entrepreneur.
  • So in the constant remaking of capitalism, the constant re-imagining, the creative destruction, the permanent revolution, we are all part of this.
  • So just the way that you have stayed tuned to hear what we have to say, we’re going to stay tuned and see what you all do with the future of capitalism.

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