Section 4: Branding, Pricing

MOOC Summaries - Introduction to MarketingSection 4: Branding, Pricing

“What Does Your Brand Say to Your Consumers? … Understanding Stories, Experiences and Conversations … Brand Identity Versus Brand Image: Intended and External Perceptions … The Brand Identity Model: How People Understand Brands … Emotional Ties with Brands … Pricing Strategies … Considerations Around Pricing Choices: Pricing Sensitivity … Considerations Around Pricing: Skimming and Penetration Approaches … Considerations Around Pricing: Tiered, Dynamic, and Pricing Discrimination … Considerations Around Pricing: Strategies for Effective Pricing Changes … Darren and Paul Discuss Takeaways”


  • Consolidated Summary

Consolidated Summary

  • A brand and its relationships with the positioning, product design and marketing communication.
  • Power of brands and their impact on customers.
  • Case study: Teekay Shipping and its multiple touch points with customers.
  • Pricing case study: Radiohead’s new album.
  • How to use pricing sensitivity analyses.
  • Different pricing decisions:
    • Cost plus.
    • Customer’s willingness to pay.
    • Penetration pricing.
  • Use of tiered/hybrid pricing models.
  • Discount pricing and the complication of pricing decisions.

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