Section 0: Ideation

Section 0: Ideation

“Goals … Creativity … Brainstorming … Filtering Ideas”
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  • 0: Ideation > Brainstorming > Video: Introduction
  • 0: Ideation > Filtering Ideas > Video: Filtering Ideas

0: Ideation > Brainstorming > Video: Introduction

  • Needs are ways the current customers of the market are being underserved.
  • You can assess needs by comparing how things are now to how customers wish they would be.
  • If possible, you may even consider interviewing some potential customers at this stage to ask them about their needs and frustrations.
  • Gaps represent opportunities to appeal to new customers who aren’t currently being served.
  • These can be assessed by addressing new potential customers not currently having the skills or access to current offerings.
  • You can do this by choosing a market or assessing barriers to being a customer, or assessing what other customers would adopt if certain features might be altered.
  • Though for more understanding, keep in mind that good companies solve problems and adapt to customer needs.

0: Ideation > Filtering Ideas > Video: Filtering Ideas

  • How passionate are you about this idea? How enthusiastic are you to solve this problem? And does this idea play to your strengths? Potential.
  • Would you be solving a real need? Are there enough people out there with this need who face it frequently enough to make it worth solving? Are those people willing to pay for a solution? Can you differentiate yourself against competitors? And how scalable is this idea? Roughly assess each idea on each of these two dimensions, and filter down to the top ones.
  • Submit your top need from brainstorming, and a preliminary idea of how you plan to solve it.

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