Module 6: Course Wrap Up

MOOC Summaries - Global Hospitality Management - Quebec City, Canada. Wonderful view of Hotel Chateau Frontenac, Magnificence of the Castle.

Module 6: Course Wrap Up

“Key takeaways from strategic management, customers, investors, capital, marketing, human resources…”


  • Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

  • Discussions in the course ranged from how dynamic and complex the industry is, to efforts to really try to create a highly customized and enjoyable personal experience.
  • Key takeaways:
    • Strategic Management: industry structure, competitive positioning, profitability, business models and innovation.
    • Understanding industry from the lenses of customer, capital and investors.
    • Marketing: connect customer vision to experience.
    • Human resource: challenges in finding, developing, and retaining people.
  • Future of hospitality is in developing skills and knowledge from any source or from an array of sources.

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