Module 4: Earned Media

Module 4: Earned Media

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  • Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Welcome
  • Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Digital engagement
  • Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Understanding participation branding
  • Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Earned media metrics

Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Welcome

  • In this week’s module, you will learn about earned media.
  • Don’t forget to complete the To Do task at the end of the module.

Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Understanding participation branding

  • SONIA: To learn more about consumer empowerment and related issues regarding loss of marketer control and participation branding, I spoke with Catherine Williams from Mindshare Asia-Pacific.
  • Consumers are way more empowered in the digital environment than they used to be.
  • The one thing that’s true of all of them, the Egypt Crisis, is that consumers had a phone, they had internet access, and they could talk about things.
  • Organisations are only in control of the brand strategy and the brand voice.
  • Quite frankly, they need to be brave enough to let it go and allow consumers to love it, nurture it, and play with them.
  • Participation marketing or participation branding is in my opinion all about asking consumers to think, feel, or to do something so that they can change behaviour.
  • Behaviour marketing is now the most important thing, because whether or not you’re trying to create a new habit, bring consumers in, it’s a totally different way to just shouting at them and using a traditional funnel of please, please, please, buy me.
  • One example in the US is where they wanted to do talking about the Huggies brand and potty training.
  • Over the years, they’ve asked mums to participate by doing potty dances with their kids and more recently potty parties.
  • So the question really is ‘What’s the role and do you need the influence?’ and what your overall brand objective is.
  • It’s not about just driving Facebook likes and getting lots people together on a website.
  • The importance of participation branding f

Module 4: Earned Media > Earned Media > Earned media metrics

  • STA Travel Australia wanted to change this attitude and get young Australians excited about traveling their homeland.
  • Taking into consideration our audience’s obsession with travel photography, and filtering images for the perfect look, we drew inspiration from the device whose heritage was all about inspiring travel.
  • An online social experience, where users could personally create and share their ultimate Australian travel adventure, for the chance to win it for real.
  • To begin, we invited four of Australia’s most popular and influential Instagramers to go on bespoke Australian adventures.
  • Once at their destination they would document their trip on Instagram and introduce the Wander Australia hashtag to their followers.
  • Our Instagramers have encouraged their fans to visit the Wanders Australia site where users could view the adventure of each influencer, get inspired, and create their own ultimate Australian adventure by filling a digital reel with the places they would love to visit.
  • A finished personal reel could be shared across all their Facebook friends, and acted as an entry for the chance to win their ultimate Australian adventure.

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