Module 2: Content Marketing

Module 2: Content Marketing

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  • Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Welcome
  • Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Branded content distribution: Red Bull
  • Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Branded content distribution: Gatorade
  • Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Content distribution and amplification
  • Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Summary
  • Module 2: Content Marketing > To Do - Google+ Activity 2 > Google+ Activity 2

Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Welcome

        SONIA: In this week’s module, we learn about content marketing as we start to investigate owned media.

Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Branded content distribution: Red Bull

  • Please refer to the Downloadable Handout for more details.
  • Clear of dead zone, all elements are still go at this time.
  • Altitude 36,000 feet You are approaching the bottom of the jet stream, expect possible turbulence and strong wind shears.
  • Please refer to the Downloadable Handout for visual details.
  • Please refer to the Downloadable Handout for more details.

Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Branded content distribution: Gatorade

  • It’s a 27-yard field goal attempt – It’s blocked! The whistle has blown and this game is over! It’s a tie! A tie might be worse than a loss.
  • Gatorade has chosen to team up with the towns of Phillipsburgh, New Jersey and Easton.
  • We’re inviting the guys from the ’93 team to strap on a helmet and shoulder pads and replay that game to determine the true champion once and for all.
  • Finally tonight old high school football rivals meet up with the same guys who played 16 years ago.
  • This is one of the best moments; it will be the best moment…er.
  • Replay is a game that Gatorade’s doing to prove that once you’re an athlete you’re always an athlete.
  • The returning players underwent a rigorous two-month training regimen, created by Gatorade Sports Science Institute.
  • Come on! 15 years away from the game you’re just not going to be able to get that kind of finesse in a day.
  • Gatorade athlete’s Peyton and Eli Manning joined as assistant coaches.
  • The field temperature right now, is at one hundred degrees.
  • After calls from nearly every major studio, a feature film is currently in development.
  • Gatorade’s line-up finder allows former athletes to reconnect with teammates online and nominate their original high school teams for upcoming seasons of the show.
  • They didn’t look at your heart, they forgot to look inside of you! Get your head screwed on and play the damn game.
  • No matter how old you are, eight to eighty, blind, crippled or crazy, you’re always an athlete.

Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Content distribution and amplification

  • In the interview, Chris talks about inbound marketing, Tourism WA’s Taste Master campaign, and also, distribution and amplification of content.
  • For me, inbound marketing is just about bringing consumers into your website, and engaging them with good content, and a number of different tactics across different channels, and that aren’t specifically putting adverts in front of them.
  • So we used blog post articles, and we formed a number of different content assets that we had placed on publisher websites who we built a relationship with.
  • So we were reaching people in the areas that they were most interested in, engaging them with content that was directly relevant, and then taking them through to the blog, where they could subscribe via email or via social to have further updates and content sent through to them.
  • One of the things that we’re looking to do with content going forward is to create content assets that really talk about durability and how to do and structure a holiday in Western Australia in an easy way.
  • So the content strategy that we’re creating is looking at the types of content and the approaches that we need to take to content to fill consumer knowledge gaps that make consumer- what we know as being the drivers of appeal for holiday to Western Australia.
  • At its core, it’s about creating useful, relevant, and timely content, and then looking at the way that that’s distributed.
  • So the social channels that we are in through, to our email activity, and then looking at some different tactics that we can use to have content discovery off our own media platform.
  • So we’ll be looking, and that’s equally as important in a way that we’re looking at taking our content strategy forward, is looking at the ways that we can create content that will give us access to new audiences, whether that’s through partnerships, and ways that we can have our content discovered through different tactics, like amplification engines and a number of different things that can get our content seen more widely.
  • It’s a good question, and it’s that kind of thing that there’s a lot of discussion happening around how do you measure the success of content marketing? And for me, it’s really important to look at the performance measures.
  • So how much of your content, what are the consumption measures? How much of it’s getting seen? How much of it is getting engaged with? And then what content you’re producing is driving the most goal assists for you? So what is that you’ve got that’s driving the most goals and actions that you want to have completed by people that you’re engaging with.
  • So know what your best content is, and know how much of value that is getting seen.
  • Know which topics are driving the most engagement, and then also, look at which topics are driving the most conversion so that you’ve got a set of stats that you can review, in order to optimise your content going forward.
  • So I think for me, the most important areas of measuring a content strategy are about your performance measures and your optimisation measures.
  • So they’re the areas that we use to inform the type of content that we create, and then we take that research and that insight.
  • That forms part of the content creation strategy, and then that’s what we draw from in the different assets and content pieces that we develop as we go forward.
  • So I think that being able to create content quickly and distribute it as you want to, presents a challenge from the point of view to delivering a content strategy.
  • The other thing is I think that present challenges in the content space are- and it’s related to that, those issues of fast paced publishing, is your technology.
  • So are you looking at the technology solutions that are in market that can help you with that? You’re looking at marketing automation and a lot of the different systems that can help you deliver a content strategy.
  • SONIA: In the interview, Chris talked about the importance of audience insight when making decisions around content, as well as decisions around distribution and amplification of that content.
  • Chris also talked about the relationship between paid, owned, and earned media, and tjhe very bright future for content marketing.

Module 2: Content Marketing > Content Marketing > Summary

  • In this module we investigate content marketing and the distribution of content as well as key challenges around content marketing.
  • In addition to examining these brands we also look at the Kapost Top 50 content marketers list and in addition to this we give you the opportunity to create a list of the brands that you think should be part of the top 50 content marketers.
  • Specifically, you were asked to post 3 brands that you think are good at content marketing.
  • Still looking at content marketing we look at a Mechanical Services Workshop and how they could create content that would be engaging to their audience.
  • This was a really interesting interview were Chris underscored the importance of content marketing, amplification of content and some of the challenges around audience engagement with a brand’s content.

Module 2: Content Marketing > To Do – Google+ Activity 2 > Google+ Activity 2

  • The four note musical mnemonic, which accompanied the motion poster then became the signature sound of the entire AV campaign… and even turned into popular cell phone ringtones.
  • Always closely coordinating every level of media, after the debut of the ‘Catching Fire’ teaser “It is my pleasure to introduce – The Hunger Games Catching Fire!” Lionsgate teased out eleven character portraits over five days across thirteen of the Internet’s most popular web sites.
  • ” The summer issue blurred the lines between fiction and reality crossing over into high-profile billboards in New York and LA and for the Fall issue, Lionsgate partnered with Covergirl to create an integrated marketing campaign of their own for their Capitol Collection of cosmetics.
  • With in-world, outdoor, TV, print and digital advertising all moving together; the excitement for Catching Fire was heating up.
  • With new partners and new fans the integrated marketing campaign successfully broadened the already massive franchise making the Hunger Games Catching Fire the number one movie of 2013.
  • The successful campaign also elevated the motion picture event into one of the most iconic and beloved global cultural phenomenons of all time.
  • ” In China, greatness is reserved for the chosen few and for five thousand years it’s been a title bestowed only on those who bring pride and honour to the nation.
  • The challenge: to use the Olympics to crush the myth that greatness only comes with gold medals.
  • Our idea was to use the 2012 Olympics, the most socially-connected games ever, to honour the pursuit of greatness, not just gold.
  • Nike launched a seventeen-day multimedia counterstike on traditional greatness, beginning with this bold global statement.
  • “Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is reserved for the chosen few.
  • The truth is, greatness is not in one special place and it is not in one special person.
  • Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it.
  • To truly redefine greatness, we had to go deeper than where they were watching it.
  • We set up a social media command center and staffed it with creatives, strategists and community managers.
  • We wired up; with live feeds with games and communities.
  • We operated around the clock, monitored the buzz and reacted in real time to the games.
  • Before the media could react we reaffirmed her greatness.
  • Nike’s definition of greatness was becoming bigger than just a topic on social media.
  • Celebrities and influencers amplified it and people across China made it their own.
  • The chase for greatness became a cultural phenomenon inspiring countless memes and other brands to copy our tactics.
  • Greatness was the most talked about social media campaign China has ever see and while all those numbers are nice, the real success of the campaign was challenging a five thousand-year-old myth of greatness and helping kids see it’s within their reach.

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