Introduction to Managerial Economics

Introduction to Managerial Economics

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  • Introduction to Managerial Economics > Navigating edX > Quick Tour

Introduction to Managerial Economics > Navigating edX > Quick Tour

  • Hi, and welcome to the edX demonstration course.
  • If at any time you want to skip this video and get a firsthand experience of the demonstration course, all you have to do is click week one to the left.
  • Course Info contains course announcements and updates from the course staff.
  • If your course has digital textbooks, this is where you’ll find them.
  • Discussion is where you can communicate with the fellow students on topics and projects, and even occasionally with the course staff.
  • When available, the course Wiki acts as a knowledge base for your course.
  • When you take the demo course, we’ll provide you with a simple progress report matching your results.
  • The left side of the Courseware screen contains a course navigation bar starting from the top down.
  • Many courses start with an overview of edX and an introduction to the course.
  • Below the overview are segments of the course, which are released as the course progresses.
  • Typically, an edX course is delivered in week by week segments, and have lessons and homework you need to complete.
  • You can see how the questions the course uses for gauging your learning process can even be auto graded, or detailed feedback given in real time.
  • So while an edX course might be rigorous, the tools and visualizations are really fun and truly interactive.
  • Finally, there are many ways successful students like to you interact to get the most out of a course.
  • It’s a proven fact that if you engage with others while taking a course, you’re more likely to succeed.

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