Find Summaries (How-To Guide)

Where Do I Begin?

Not sure where or how to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This page is all about how you can find what you want on Chop Chop MOOCs. And to do it chop chop!

Our homepage gives you a chop chop scan of our latest MOOC summaries.  You might notice the pictures are of different sizes: the posts with the larger photos gives you a summary of what is in a particular MOOC; those with the smaller photos are summaries of the module within a MOOC.
Beyond the homepage, we also have the usual: search bar (found on menu bar, side bar and at bottom of page), tag cloud (bottom of the page) and all the good stuff in the sidebar (to the right). You can also explore the tabs below based on:
MOOC platforms and Schools of your choice.
Topics curated by us, that we feel addresses current major trends and issues.
We also provide another tab “Edited” and “Automated”:
“Edited” contains summaries that have been edited by our volunteer team, and you can see they read better and clearer.
“Automated” contains summaries that have not been edited yet (we are working as fast as a team of volunteers can!), and are machine-generated instead; we figured that in your quest to learn, having a machine-generated summary is better than no summary, and these still give you a good idea of what the MOOC is about and if it is the right one for you.
If you have any suggestions, or wish to contribute/volunteer a MOOC summary, please contact us!
  • MOOC Platforms
  • Topics
  • Edited/Automated
  • Schools

Cities Learn all about cities! Designing cities, smart cities, future cities, cities for people, infrastructure and more!

Healthcare Learn all about healthcare! Digital health, genomics, behavioral genetics, innovations, improvements and more!

Globalization Learn all about globalization! Winners, losers, labor economies, trade, transport, culture, crime, and more!

Islamic Finance Learn all about Islamic finance! Instruments, capital markets, ethics, frameworks, challenges and more!

Big Data Learn all about Big Data! Algorithms, data science, machine learning, open data social physics and more!

Personal Finance Learn all about managing your personal finances! Investing in yourself, relevant websites, credit, debt and more!

(keep an eye out for more to come!)