Episode 3: Peer-to-Peer Diffusion

MOOC Summaries - User Innovation - Path to Entrepreneurship - Peer to peer diffusionEpisode 3: Peer-to-Peer Diffusion 

“Peer-to-Peer Diffusion… diving… divers… scientists… oceanographers”


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Peer-to-Peer Diffusion > Peer-to-Peer Diffusion (Episode 3) > Episode 3

  • Derya is an oceanographer and scuba diver who cares deeply about the health of the world’s oceans.
  • To protect the oceans, scientists need to collect temperature data for research, but the ocean is huge and their sampling is limited.
  • So Derya thought of a way to increase sampling by uniting the millions of divers worldwide to contribute temperature data.
  • Divers wear dive computers, which look like oversized watches.
  • So every dive every diver has done has a temperature observation.
  • I bought the domain name divers4oceanography with the intention of setting up a platform where scuba divers from all around the world would submit temperature data.
  • Then scientists who need these data would come and download and use it for their research.
  • Divers from around the world can submit this data to the divers4oceanography website, enabling the organization to build an enormous catalog of information.
  • Derya’s diffusion costs are worth it, because she gets all that data.
  • Other divers will voluntarily and happily contribute data because, just like you, they care about the ocean.
  • I don’t believe that divers would expect compensation for sharing what they already have collected with the scientific community, that will use it for the benefit of the ocean.
  • For the individual divers, our software is also going to allow them to make profiles. allowing divers to connect – either connect people who have gone diving in the places that they’re interested in, or find a buddy who plans to go to a particular site in the near future, and even upload photos from their dives, or make notes about anything unusual they might have noticed, using the divers4oceanography platform.
  • Temperature data can be useful to divers themselves too.
  • There will be a time when the most appropriate and sustainable step to take for the future of this project will be to host it in an academic institution or governmental institution, which will have the infrastructure, the hardware, and the manpower to maintain and upgrade the system as more data come in.

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