Episode 1: Solve YOUR Problem

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Episode 1: Solve YOUR Problem

“solve your problem”


  • Solve YOUR Problem > Solve YOUR Problem (Episode 1) > Solve YOUR Problem

Solve YOUR Problem > Solve YOUR Problem (Episode 1) > Solve YOUR Problem

  • Innovation often starts with real people solving their own problems, innovating for their own use.
  • How do you become a user innovator? How do you get your idea out into the world?
  • User innovation is when you create something to use it.
  • Any time anybody runs into a big problem, and there’s no commercial solution, you’re going to get user innovation.
  • Almost any innovation you could think of is user developed.
  • From things like wheels on suitcases to the heart lung machine to the world wide web.
  • The reason that companies don’t get involved more in innovation is because they only want well-established big markets.
  • User innovation is a great way to start companies.
  • Research has shown that 50% of the innovative companies founded are founded by user innovators.
  • When you think as a user innovator that you’re just making something for yourself, you really misunderstand.
  • Well now, I want to continue my journey and look at user innovation through the eyes of an innovator.
  • Emily Lagasse on Fedwell:
    • Fedwell is a pet food based on home-cooked recipes made with real meat, fruits, and vegetables.
    • When I started talking to pet stores, I realized that they had a lot of customers who were also looking for better products.
    • That’s when I realized that there was just a really big opportunity to bring a home-cooked recipe to the market.
    • In order to bring that to them, I really had to partner with a manufacturer and form my own company to do it on a larger scale.
    • Who better to start a company than someone who lived through those challenges firsthand and really understands what the problems are? I was able to work through a solution, and I really am my own customer.
  • User innovation is huge.
  • Others may have these needs as well, and because users understand these needs better than producers, they are in a great position to start innovative companies.

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