Designing Cities

designing cities and new york city_high line

Designing Cities

Gary Hack, Professor and Dean Emeritus, City and Regional Planning, PennDesign
University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Barnett, Professor of Practice in City and Regional Planning, City Planning
University of Pennsylvania
Stefan Al, Associate Professor of Urban Design, City and Regional Planning
University of Pennsylvania
“… everything that happens to shape cities is actually the result of decisions made by governments, business investors, and citizens. Our course is about understanding how and why these decisions get made, and how they can be organized and improved. In other words, the ways cities are designed, and ways people can design them to be better… More and more people in the world are being drawn to cities. How to design cities so they are sustainable and provide a better life for everyone could not be more important: right now and in the future.”


Week 1: How Cities Evolved

Week 2: Ideas That Shape Cities

Week 3: Tools for Designing Cities

Week 4: Making Cities Sustainable

Week 5: Cities in the Information Age

Week 6: Preserving Older Cities

Week 7: Designing New Cities, Districts and Neighbourhoods

Week 8: The Challenges of Informal Cities and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

Week 9: Visionary Cities

Week 10: Concluding Comments (no summary)