Course Overview

Course Overview

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  • Course Overview > Course Introduction > Welcome Announcement

Course Overview > Course Introduction > Welcome Announcement

  • This is a portion of a course that we co-teach at Anne Arundel Community College, in Arnold Maryland This course will provide you with a basic look at business in the United States and the impact to financial systems on how businesses operate.
  • Aside from being a MOOC, the course varies from traditional courses because it uses Open Educational Resources, which are free and available to the public.
  • Of course, we hope that you find the course interesting and intriguing enough that you want to share with your family and friends, therefore extending the amount of hours each week he spent thinking about the course.
  • From there, you can explore the course in the course information section, introduce yourself to your classmates , and jump right into the first week of learning.
  • We thank you for joining us in the course and hope that you choose to be an active participant throughout the four weeks.

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