Course Overview

Course Overview

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  • Course Overview > Welcome! > Welcome Video

Course Overview > Welcome! > Welcome Video

  • JEREMY DAILEY: Anyway, we’re your teachers for Intro to Psychology, and we’re looking forward to spending the next ten weeks with you.
  • Just follow the map we’ve set out for you, and you’ll do just fine.
  • JEREMY DAILEY: Regardless of your reason for taking this class, we’re glad you’re joining us.
  • An understanding of psychology will help you to better comprehend human growth and development, the structure of the brain, research methods, and why people act the way they do.
  • JENEEN GRAHAM: And by fully engaging in this class through readings, discussions, viewing our films, completing assessments, and reflecting on your learning, you’ll begin to develop a body of knowledge that helps you understand why we think and behave the way we do, and how we know what we know about the human condition.
  • As technology continues to shrink the world, understanding how humans think and feel is of ever greater importance.
  • JENEEN GRAHAM: The way we learn, the behaviors we exhibit, the various dysfunctions we may encounter are all addressed in psychology and its related fields.
  • JEREMY DAILEY: You don’t need to be a doctor- JENEEN GRAHAM: -or a master- JEREMY DAILEY: -of psychology to better understand yourself and your fellow humans.
  • JENEEN GRAHAM: In the end, you’ll have explored substantive content which will help you better understand the human condition, and be inspired to continue your learning and growth.
  • Now what are they going to think of us? JEREMY DAILEY: That we’re intelligent and fun.

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