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Course Overview

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  • Course Overview > What is the Course About? > Course Introduction

Course Overview > What is the Course About? > Course Introduction

  • Welcome to the Georgetown campus. The name of our course is”Globalization’s Winners and Losers: Challenges for Developed and Developing Countries.
  • ” Now, by “globalization,” this course refers to the spread of trade, technology, and investment.
  • This is a segue into focusing on the developed world because we ask: Does this industrialization of the developing world come at the expense of workers and firms in the developed world? What are the causes of the US trade deficit? Is China becoming an economic superpower? What about outsourcing to India? What is causing wage stagnation and wage disparities in the United States? To what extent is globalization to blame? If you had taken this course 15 years ago- 15 years is just about right because it was in 1999 that the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle broke into a riot against globalization.
  • Now, we spend almost as much time looking at the losers, at those marginalized, or not prepared and equipped to enjoy the benefits of globalization.
  • Our objective is to enlarge the numbers of those who benefit from globalization and figure out ways to cushion those who are not well prepared or who may be marginalized by globalization, and this will lead us to policy recommendations some expensive policy recommendations.

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