Big Data and Social Physics

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Big Data and Social Physics

Alex “Sandy” Peatland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
“directs MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory and the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program”
“… Understanding big data, how to use it to improve companies, cities, and government, and best-practice for privacy… Social physics is a big data science that encapsulates social, analytical, computer, and managerial sciences into a quantitative science of human society that can accurately predict patterns of human behavior and influence those patterns.  The core of social physics is using big data to understand how ideas flow from person to person through the mechanism of social learning and how this flow of ideas ends up shaping the norms, productivity, and creative output of our companies, cities, and societies… also tells us how to best deal with the privacy concerns…”


Instalment 1: Overview

Instalment 2: Who We Are

Instalment 3: Idea Machines

Instalment 4: Data Driven Cities

Instalment 5: Data Driven Societies

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