Archangel Metatron Explains Mankind’s Origins and Refutes Darwin’s Theory of a Missing Link

My check here wife Jill is an Avatara; a person chosen by the Divine to deliver messages for the betterment of mankind. Here she is, trance-channelling a message from the Voice of god:- Archangel Metatron.

Although the Archangels we are mostly aware of are specific to our planet, Archangel Metatron is the only direct connection to the Creator and manages the Archangels and Angelic Realm for all universes. Metatron wanted us to know about the truth of creation:-

For creation to occur, there has to be intention and reason. Without this, nothing can ever be created. Your planet is 50 billion years old. Mankind’s constant search for the fossils that will prove without doubt, Darwin’s theory; will never be found. For as hard as the truth may be, the reason why your missing link is not available, is because that missing link, you would call it extra-terrestrial.

The name human, is taken from hu, meaning the awareness and energy that emanates from energy. Man, is the physical mass that has been manifested to hold that awareness. Darwin’s theory is nearly accurate for the animal kingdom, but not for the human race.

Your planet has, in fact, been occupied by three previous forms of life, but all failed miserably. During this period, there were other life forms, on planets that had managed to sustain life. There are still highly intelligent extra-terrestrial life forms on your planet, but for their safety, they will not be mentioned here, for fear of mankind’s scientific experiments.

The nearest missing link you will find is the aboriginal humans. It has taken God; light; the one conscious energy, billions and billions of years to create the thousands of species that occupied your planet. Now it is sad that just over a hundred years, is all it’s taken for mankind to destroy half of those. Mankind has currently destroyed 15 million species with more species to be added to that number shortly.

For many of those who read this, you may feel doomed, however, all is not lost. But it will not be your scientists and leaders who will save you and your planet, but your children. For as with the creation of all these species, the unique DNA that lies within each and every form, has the unique ability to transform and mutate into new beings.

To help you understand, let us look at the blood that runs through your veins. Animal and human blood originally was type ‘O’ only. This was because mankind ate meat to survive. The human body at that time was dense muscle mass and very little fat. As the human race developed and spread further afield, they acclimatised to the different terrain, and with that terrain, also their diet too. When humans began to incorporate vegetables, seeds and grains, their DNA had to adapt.

You will find, if you take time to research, that your scientists already know that by feeding tiny amounts of poison to creatures, they will over time, alter their DNA and genetic coding to enable them to survive the poison. This is the same for human beings. Over time, as you have changed your diets, you have altered the DNA structure of your blood, which thus brought about your different blood types, A, B, O and AB.

You may wonder how this actually now relates to your children, and the fact that they are the ones who will save this planet from destruction. We have already discussed the Indigo Children. These children already have different DNA and genetic structures that are different from the rest of human kind. Already their livers madden mobile hack ios have the ability to handle toxins, which for most would mean physical death. Also you will find that as these children develop and grow, they will have a natural IQ ability of well over 140.

These children are already equipped with great reasoning and awareness of the different dimensions, and energies that surround them. It is these children share more details that will be your missing link between this physical world, and the spiritual world. These are the children you should be investing your time getting to know. Not how mankind first came to be on this planet.

For now, may the cosmic forces of the North, South, East and West join together for the betterment of mankind. Love and light be with you. Metatron.

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