About Us

So Many MOOCS, So Little Time!

We are a group of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) enthusiasts who have been taking MOOC courses since 2013 (and earlier forms of digital education since 2000)...
One day it occurred to us that there was simply no simple way for any of us to decide if a particular MOOC was the right one for us. Too often, we found ourselves starting a course, only to find after a few weeks that the MOOC was not the one for us.
Many MOOCs have a short description and video explaining what the course is about. But these give only a teeny weeny peeky into the MOOC, hardly enough to make a good decision. Neither did we want to rely on the star ratings by others who have taken the course – why should we let others decide if a MOOC is good for us?
No no no, we wanted to decide for ourselves. Especially since we are spending time learning for work, fun and curiosity.

That got us thinking. What could we do? In the end, we decided we could trade our notes for each MOOC with each other. One thing led to another, and it dawned on us that if exchanging notes was useful for us, surely it would be useful for many more in the world?
Ta da!! Chop Chop MOOCs – the world’s largest library of MOOC summaries – was thus born.
Run by a team of volunteers, we put up online our summaries and notes of the MOOCs we have taken. By sharing them, we hope others will be able see what a specific MOOC is about quickly (chop chop!), and if that MOOC is useful to them, and encourage more people to take up MOOCs!
So hop on in and let’s go chop chop!
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